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Egypt’s strategic location has always made it a hub for trade routes between Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Premium Snacks Export

Located in Egypt, Wonders Food main activity is to sell premium food snacks for the international market. Our main aim is to provide all our clients and consumers with premium products and diversity of flavors.

We meet the food needs of our valued customers by providing them with best-in-class, cost effective premium products produced with best ingredients. At Wonders Food, we are obsessed with providing our customers with only quality products that customers crave. Currently we meet food delicacy needs of our customers, focusing on high quality, reliability, speed and trustworthiness.

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We take pride in supplying and distributing our products to a number of different channels within Egypt and around the world. Our customer base is mainly retail stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, global wholesalers and distributors.

We are currently looking for well aligned food distributors and partner agencies from across the globe who can see the vision and opportunity in getting Wonders Food products into new markets; Of particular interest are those in the Middle East, Europe and USA.

We look forward to sharing with you how your operation can benefit from including Wonders Food products in your offerings to your customers.


We have partnered up with some of the best retailers and convenience stores. All of their shops are an absolute joy to visit. Therefore, it is a pleasure to see that our products are in such good hands. We want to create a network of passionate retailers. If you want to become a partner, please send us a message via our contact form down below. 

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