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Are you looking for the Highest Quality, most attractive, fastest turning snack line that you can place at retail or convenience store or at check-out for that extra sale? We know that our snacks will increase sales and make higher profits than any other snack line. Excellent wholesale snack price points mean excellent profits and quick turns for the distributor, wholesaler and retailer.

We sell our snacks under the name Poplay, nationally and internationally, offering our customers a full line of delicious snacks. People are looking for an alternative to chips, candy and junk food for themselves and their families. Wonders Food Snacks provides that tasty and healthy alternative.

We bring the finest corn kernels to combine with our unique recipes so we can offer you great tasting, healthy snacks that everyone will love! Our popcorn is perfect for retail stores, convenience stores, cinemas, coffee shops, hotels, events, and corporate gifts (and anything else for that matter!).


We have partnered up with some of the best retailers and convenience stores. All of their shops are an absolute joy to visit. Therefore, it is a pleasure to see that our products are in such good hands. We want to create a network of passionate retailers. If you want to become a partner, please send us a message via our contact form down below. 


As our business continues to grow and gain more new customers, our Distribution Program offers you the perfect opportunity to profit from our expanding popularity.

We are actively seeking new local, regional, national, and international wholesale snack distributors partners to distribute and sell our delicious snacks line.  We offer Distribution Program that include bulk ordering discounts to help ensure our products are successful in your location.

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