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Private Label

Your Brand, Our Great Product!

We are the go-to private label partner for white-label products and we are proud to deliver snacking options that make your customers smile.

Private Label Snack Manufacturing

We believe in long-term, strategic partnerships that help you optimize your private label positioning and profits at the best quality and price point. we are uniquely positioned to make the salty and sweet snacks, your customers love.

Wonders Food offers a full range of private label snack manufacturing capabilities with a wide range of flavor profiles that run the gamut from savory to sweet. We partner with other companies to produce private label products that customers crave.

At Wonders Food, we treat private label brands the same way we treat our own line of food snacks: by ensuring quality and consistency throughout every step of the process. As experienced professionals, we help our partners strengthen private label brands to maximize profits in the food snack category.

With the goal of providing quality snack brands that resonate with consumers at every income and preference level, we offer products that cover all three quality tiers: Value, Mainstream and Premium. Quality is guaranteed at every level, helping our partners develop an effective product mix that serves customers’ snacking needs at various price points.


We want you to be our partner, not just our customer. Every relationship is important to Wonders Food, and we are committed to delivering the highest-quality products. At every stage of the snack food manufacturing process, Wonders Food is committed to quality, consistency and innovation in our private label and co-manufacturing partnerships. We will help you bring your products to the shelves.

Our goal is to produce an extensive selection of products that delight consumers with their quality and value. Quality begins with the recipe — finding a winning concept with exactly the right combination of flavors and textures that make our products so enjoyable. After production, products are packaged to preserve that just-produced taste. And of course, our products are the result of the efforts of our dedicated employees who are trained on the best practices in food safety. Though we sample every batch before it is shipped, we know that the ultimate quality test will be performed by you. We hope you’re delighted!

We have focus on producing to the highest quality standards and we use state-of-the-art machinery. Our quality management system, coupled with our professional on-site teams, ensure product specifications are consistently met. We precisely monitor every raw ingredient and finished product to deliver excellent results every day.

Our top-tier manufacturing facilities produce snacks with a wide range of flavor profiles that run the gamut from savory to sweet.

When you are our partner, your satisfaction is paramount. We have a dedicated and experienced customer service team that is prepared to assist you with all your needs. our project manager will take your project and accompany it until the first consumer unit of your product sits on the shelf.

Food experts who innovate and develop new recipes. When innovating, we source new ingredients, create samples, perform sensory evaluations, and run diligent plant trials. We monitor the pulse of the industry to help our partners be first-to-market with new concepts. We are constantly searching the globe for exciting new ingredients to keep us at the forefront of snack innovation for our brand partners. We are driven by the excitement of creating the most wonderfully delicious and nutritious snacks, low sugar, low carb, high protein… Our imagination sparks with the merest hint of a flavor suggestion or taste combo.


We have partnered up with some of the best retailers and convenience stores. All of their shops are an absolute joy to visit. Therefore, it is a pleasure to see that our products are in such good hands. We want to create a network of passionate retailers. If you want to become a partner, please send us a message via our contact form down below. 

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